22 Novembere 2015

In the morning I wake up with mixed feelings. The call i don’t like but which would mean that my mother is free from all her suffering did not come.

My sister and i fresh up, eat breakfast and leave for the hospital. When we arrive, the nurse who was also there yesterday, walks towards us with a smile. Obviously she has goed news to tell.

Indeed she tells us that my mother had a good night and she is now watching something at her tablet. Wow! This is not what i expected for today!

In the room we see my mother. She looks rested and looks at us with the greatest smile i have seen in years. She tells us that she had her first sleep since she has been in the hospital. I can’t help tot think that her condition yesterday was just a dip. But soon that wishful thinking is wiped away since with the hour she gets more tired. Even when telling an anekdote from her youth, its like she ran a marathon after just just a few minutes.

I beg God to free her from this suffering. This is not the way a good human should pass away.

In the evening we are just beside her bed. Waiting for the time she gets her sleeping aid. No talking, just thinking about the coming separation and hoping that it will come soon, so she can rest….

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